Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Call for litter pickers
by OGAFCAP - 19.02.2009
Residents of Oakley Green and Fifield have been plagued with litter to such an extent that in the recent Survey 137 people said they would be prepared to adopt an area for litter picking. Unfortunately most of these did not remember to give contact details on the last sheet which was separated to preserve anonymity. Hopefully some of those who expressed their willingness will now come forward and make themselves known.

Rita Haynes, an OGAFCAP Environment volunteer, has been waging her own battle against litter for a long time and is now determined to make good use of this potential manpower. She has initiated and is co-ordinating an OGAFCAP Litter project that aims to recruit volunteers to adopt an area.

Already 8 areas on our OGAFCAP map have been adopted and we look forward to more soon. If you are interested you will find details and a map in the Environment Work Group section via the navigation button on the left.