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Petition on speed to RBWM
Roads & Transport - 06.05.2011
Petition on speed to be presented to RBWM

I am delighted to report that, having thought we had hit a brick wall regarding our attempts to encourage RBWM to reduce the speed limit on the Forest Green Road, we are now “all systems go” again !

Ward Councillor Davd Coppinger has agreed to present a petition at the next Council meeting (17 April 2012), which means that by the time you read this, we will, hopefully, have obtained hundreds of signatures from concerned residents and the matter has been put on the agenda for the next Cabinet Meeting for consideration.

We needed at least 25 petitioners, with their names, and addresses, before the petition would be considered and at the time of writing we have 50+.

Councillor Coppinger will be given a maximum of two minutes to summarise the contents of the petition and to also indicate how he wishes it to be taken forward – i.e. to Cabinet, or to the Lead Member/Head of Service.

This is another “watch this space” moment, but we are now feeling a little more confident.

Louise Shenston