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OGAFCA Local Business Work Group closes
OGAFCA Coms - 21.05.2013
OGAFCA Local Business Work Group closes - 21.05.2013

Sadly the Local Business Work Group is closing down. For some time they have been trying to encourage interest and involvement from the more than 100 businesses in our area but feel that they have failed and see no likelihood of future success. It seems that most businesses simply do not see any benefit to them in becoming involved in their local Community.

We are grateful to those few businesses who had stepped forward and joined the OGAFCA Business Network. The Local Business Work Group no longer exists but the Communications Work Group hopes to continue to offer the local business listings as information in some form or other.

We are still looking at how best to do this to fit comfortably into the structure of the web site and expect in the long termto retain the facility for companies to submit logos and data to expand their presence.

OGAFCA Communications Work Group