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Ninety percent of the residents from the 300 households who completed the survey were in favour of a community newsletter and nearly as many wanted a website. There are 3 areas relating to communication:

1 - Broadband
Slow broadband speed in our area used to frustrate both residents and local businesses. BT Infinity, fibre optic broadband boasting download speeds of up to 40Mb had been available for some time to most users served by the Maidenhead exchange ... but not us ! We put pressure on BT to upgrade their service to our area and generally speaking it has achieved results with the help of Theresa May and her office. There are still some unfortunate residents in our area receiving a pitiful service. You can follow the detail of this in the reports.

2 - Newsletter
Over 90 percent of residents requested a newsletter. A printed format was the most popular option with most residents indicating they would be happy to pay for the publication. Thanks to persistence and hard work by Bill Collier advertising revenue from local businesses has funded the publication. The Newsletter continues to be delivered free to your door quarterly. If you do not receive your free copy, please contact us via the website and we will arrange delivery.

Every newsletter is delivered by hand and if you would like to volunteer as a newsletter distributor, please contact us via the button below.

Many hands make light work!

The current and previous Newsletters are also available as pdf documents.

3 - Website
More than 50 percent of residents requested a website, which is now well established and updated weekly. Thanks go to Rod Lord for the design, construction and continued maintenance of the website. This is a community driven website so we hope you will contribute content and offer feedback. Submit your contributions via the Feedback, Features, Events or News pages.

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