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Connection speeds within our community were notoriously slow. We have been pressing both BT and Openreach on this matter and have also sought support from RBWM Councillors and our MP Theresa May - all of whom have been very helpful and supportive. Our main focus has been to attempt to discover why the Cabinet at the junction of the A308 with Fifield Road appeared to be the only one along the A308 which had not been upgraded to fiber-optic.

After a very long, tedious and frustrating struggle the cabinet in question was finally upgraded and came online in January 2013. So we now finally have proper broadband speeds in Fifield Village and the history of the struggle to achieve this can be followed in the reports and updates on the the main Communications page.

But the task is not yet complete. There is still a stretch of Oakley Green Road heading east from the Cricket Ground that is very poorly served and we have been trying to discover what can be done to improve this. We will post any relevant updates on the main Communications page.


Our quarterly Newsletter is published in response to the residentsí survey carried out in 2009 and provides a voice for local residents. It is distributed free to every household in our community. In addition to being a way for the Association to keep you informed of our activities on your behalf (successful or otherwise !) it also contains local news, comments from residents on community issues, information on forthcoming social events, etc.

If you would like to comment, make a suggestion on anything that affects our community, or write a feature article then please submit your contributions via the News page, the Features page, click the contact button below or go to the Feedback page.

A small group of willing volunteers hand deliver each issue of the newsletter to more than 400 households. Extra hands are always helpful so if you would like to help, please contact us via the button below.

Newsletter editor Alison Brayshaw must be congratulated for maintaining the very high standards set by Trudi Knight. The publication is funded through advertising and Bill Collier does sterling work to keep that going. If you are interested in advertising please contact us.

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The web site is community driven so needs your input in order to be relevant to local residents so please explore and contribute. You can share your opinions on the Feedback page and add your own content to the Events, Clubs & Activities, News, and Features pages and Photo Gallery.

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