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Update report 04 - 16.04.2010
Research shows there is fibre cable connection to our community that, with additional equipment, could provide either cable or wireless broadband connection and although investigation showed that this connection would prove extremely costly, we have not given up hope! Comments in the press on how both BT and Government pledge to improve broadband connection in rural communities is encouraging.

The survey revealed that of the residents who do not already have landline broadband, 105 would like to receive it and 79 would like increased connection speed. This data was collected anonymously, so in order to progress this, we need contact details from anyone who is interested in installing or improving a broadband connection either via landline, wireless from a fixed point, or mobile telephone. If you are interested in receiving an improved broadband service, please contact us via the button below.

If you are one of the lucky residents who receive a fast broadband speed, we would be very interested to hear more: what form of connection you have, who your internet provider is, the speed you receive and where in the community you are located. Please send this information to us via the button below.

The Spring Newsletter has been produced and distributed. It contains interesting contributions from residents, local news as well as information on the newly formed association.

We hope that residents will also contribute to the social history corner and share facts, interesting anecdotes and memories of life in our community.

All feedback and contributions are appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you either by using the contact button below or via the Feedback page. The newsletter is community driven and can only grow with your input.

If you are interested in advertising in future issues of the Newsletter please contact us using the button below.

This web site is community driven so needs your input in order to continue to grow so please explore and give feedback. Opinions can be shared on the Feedback page and you are invited to add your own content to the News and Features pages navigate to these pages using the buttons on the left. Don't forget to save in your favourites to check for the regular updates!

Also don't forget to clear your browser cache or refresh your pages to make sure you see the most recent version of the page.

To ensure the site is kept properly updated we really need a member of the community to volunteer for the day-to-day management of the site and content. Rod is happy to perform this task for the time being but he is also involved in the Environment Group with particular focus on drainage issues. We don't want OGAFCA to put the earning of his daily bread under threat!

So if you are interested, have the time, enthusiasm, commitment and the necessary skills and experience to volunteer as webmaster please contact us using the button below.

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