Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Update report 05 - 11.02.2011
21st Century, 25 miles from London, 3 miles or so from both Windsor and Maidenhead, the M4 corridor, Silicon Valley UK, near one of the largest trading estates in Europe ... and broadband service is pitiful. With 400 households and at least 70 businesses in our area one would have thought it a viable commercial proposition.

Last year BT's publicity drive for Infinity fibre optic lulled us into a false sense of security, leading us to believe that in September 2010 this would become available and things would improve. All we needed to do was wait a bit. Many residents registered their interest online.

September came and went. Our attempts to find out more have been frustrating. Polite operators can only confirm Maidenhead exchange now has fibre optic. They are unable to explain why we've seen no benefit and can't connect us to anyone who can. BT's web site offers no more than "sorry, you can't get it".

Assured that service would improve a local business customer purchased a new line installation - only to discover the new connection provided no more than he was already getting. Apparently the marketing left hand doesn't speak to the engineering right hand. But some information was gleaned from this failure. Apparently all junction boxes along the A308 have been upgraded ... EXCEPT the one at the Fifield Road junction.

This update presented at the last All Volunteers meeting stirred considerable interest. A reporter from the Advertiser was present who has since been trying to get information with no more success. On January 24 we sent letters to the Managing Director of BT Business, the Chairman of BT, and emails to BT's Director of External Affairs and cllr Bateson (RBWM) who has special interest in "The Big Society". The only response has been a phone call and email from the Chairman's office confirming that Windsor will be upgraded in March 2011, reminding us that BT is merely a Service Provider like many others, and that Openreach are responsible for the hardware.

Openreach's web site refers enquiries to the Service Provider, but their head office address is the same as BT's - rather an effective isolation loop !

To support our efforts would residents with internet please register interest on the BT Infinity web site. This doesn't commit to any upgrade purchase. Enter your phone number in the "Can I get Infinity" box. You will then be offered the opportunity to register interest.

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