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Update report 06 - 26.02.2011
Since the copy submission deadline for the Winter Newsletter and our update report 05 on the subject of Broadband service in our area we have received very helpful responses from both Cllr Burbage and Cllr Bateson of RBWM. Cllr Burbage immediately undertook to follow up and see if further information could be obtained. Cllr Bateson has a special interest in "The Big Society" and was pleased to learn of the efforts and progress of OGAFCA as we have already moved quite a long way towards being very much in tune with this concept. We hope to be invited to attend both a meeting at RBWM and also a presentation with a speaker from BT.

Cllr Bateson has also passed on to us responses received by Cllr Burbage's office from both Openreach and BT which we were completely unable to achieve ourselves. The first email from Openreach was reasonably helpful and rather than try and précis it we don't think we are breaching any confidentiality or privacy by including the complete text here :

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Thank you for your enquiry regarding fibre optic Broadband in the village of Fifield. I have made some investigations and am in a position to advise. It is true that the BT junction box you mention was initially excluded from our fibre optic roll out programme for this area. There were certain issues that did not meet our commercial criteria at the time. I am pleased to say that this initial decision was reviewed some time ago and we are now including this junction box in the roll out.

However, substantial technical problems have been encountered which means I am unable to give you a meaningful timescale. Completion is not imminent. We will complete as soon as we practically can but this could be as much as 18 to 24 months from now. Obviously we will look to complete sooner but I do not wish to set expectations too high. I hope this explains the position and would invite you to contact me at this email address if you have further questions or concerns.


Openreach High Level Complaints

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And an extract from the second email :

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

May I just check that there is no quote that RBWM has that shows BT have an "... undertaking to supply 94% of the UK with viable broadband by 2012" as I was concerned that this mis-information might be causing additional concerns to any community.

I will request an update on the current roll-out situation from Openreach in respect to Maidenhead - and would be happy to also present the update for Windsor & Maidenhead in person at a date convenient to your diaries.

As you may know - I have been requesting for some three months to come and present the full picture and plans for Berkshire to the CEO's meeting, as we feel that Berkshire may well not be getting their share of any possible BDUK support going forward - funding directly supporting the rural roll-out of SuperFast Broadband.

Within BT, our commitment to the NGA (Next Generation Access) roll-out is both comprehensive and unswerving, as our increased investment to £2.5bn demonstrates and our additional recent offer to also match the government proposed investment of £830m to specifically support the delivery of rural Broadband services. This is by far the largest single company investment of its kind in the world currently on network infrastructure and one that dominates our thoughts and actions at this time ... so we are very concerned that any issues that arise are successfully addressed at the earliest opportunity.

BT Partnership Director South East

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As and when any further information becomes available we will keep you informed via further update reports on this site and in the next Newsletter.

To support our efforts please register interest on the BT Infinity web site. This doesn't commit to any upgrade purchase. Enter your phone number in the "Can I get Infinity" box. You will then be offered the opportunity to register interest.

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