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Update report 11 - 01.07.2012

Fibre service on the way ?

In mid May a Berkshire Radio researcher picked up on a piece in the Advertiser and we were offered an opportunity to explain our situation on the same morning show as Theresa May was to be interviewed. She was due at a meeting with BT later that day.

We asked Theresa May's office to keep us informed of the outcome of the meeting, which they kindly did. BT's contribution amounted to the usual collection of marketing waffle. While thanking the case worker we emphasized that what we had specifically been trying to find out for a long time was why the Fifield Road cabinet on the A308 was the only one not to have been upgraded to fibre optic.

On our behalf the case worker asked this question of the Director of Public Affairs at BT, Mr Tim O'Sullivan ... and kindly passed his answer on to us. We are assured that the cabinet serving the Fifield area will be providing a fibre service from July this year.

We will have to wait and see if BT live up to this, but it does appear that there is now a new cabinet on the site.

Berkshire Radio audio and the thread of email exchanges with Theresa May's office are available via the main Communications page.

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