Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Update report 13 - 01.11.2012

Broadband ... may we have a solution soon ?

With the Help of Theresa May's Office we were assured that during July 2012 BT would be offering a Fibre-optic service from the cabinet at the junction of Fifield Road and the A308. That undertaking was withdrawn when obstructions were encountered in the underground cable routes. Work was delayed till after the Olympic Games.

The unexpected necessary work referred to by Mr. Tim O'Sullivan in his last response to Theresa May's office was completed earlier this month and according to BT engineers on site the box is now enabled. We understand BT might be offering a service from the end of September. We have been unable to confirm this as BT sales are completely unaware and direct us to the web site for more information ... which of course it doesn't contain !

Neither BT's nor Openreach's web sites offer any more information than the fact that Maidenhead exchange has been Fibre-optic enabled for over a year but that our post code must still expect less than 1 megabit. It is however still impossible to find out when residents can apply for upgrades to their currently inadequate service. It is really puzzling that these organisations seem so determined to remain obscure and provide virtually no access to useful information for their customers.

Consequently we have asked Theresa May's office to make one more request for information from Mr Tim O'Sullivan. Perhaps BT should be paying Theresa May's Office a fee for providing Customer Services that they don't seem capable of doing themselves. If a useful answer is forthcoming we will make the information available from the Communications page of the web site or in the next Newsletter.

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