Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Update report 15 - 11.02.2013


For once my cynicism has finally been proved wrong - and I'm very pleased about that.

On February 8 2013 a BT engineer installed Infinity and it is currently providing what seems like a lightning fast connection.

The BT speed test tool tells me I am getting 39 Mbps from the router to my computer. Other web sites give me various results but one thing is certain - it's many, many times faster than it was.

My neighbour on the other side of Coningsby Lane tells me he is getting 25 Mbps and I know that tomorrow there will be more installations going on in Manor Grove.

It remains to be seen how far this service can stretch from the A308 down through the village. In due course we will try to gather feedback to plot this.

To see if you are now able to get Infinity click here - scroll down to one of the Infinity packages and click on start your order.

If you already have BT Broadband and want to upgrade to Infinity click here - choose one of the packages and click on upgrade now.

Our task now is to investigate the service along the Forest Green Road.

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