Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Update report 16 - 28.04.2013


We finally have proper 21st Century broadband in the OGAFCA area. Well, quite a lot of it anyway.

The box on the A308 at the junction with Fifield Road has finally been upgraded to fibre optic and BT Infinity has been available to customers from early January. Several residents have already had their orders fulfilled and seem to be benefitting from a massive improvement in their service. With more accurate information as feedback from residents we hope to build a more accurate picture of the distribution but we already have a rough idea.

In effect the box on the A308 has now become the exchange. From there the signal still has to use the existing copper wires, so the closer you are the better your service will be, reducing as the distance increases. Speeds of 30 Mbps or more are being delivered in the area of Manor Grove and Coningsby Lane. Moving south down the village speeds are still around 20 Mbps south of Stewart Close. At some point before the Memorial Hall the Infinity service runs out, but the normal Broadband service is now available at a hugely improved speed. 10 or 12 Mbps are apparently possible now.

Infinity fibre optic has been available for some time to those with 01753 numbers on the Oakley Green Road. The junction box is on the Dedworth Road and reaches west to Forest Farm and Woodlands where we understand that speeds in excess of 20 Mbps are available.

The rest of Oakley Green Road heading west, Ledger Lane, Coningsby Lane (west), Green Lane, and Forest Green Road are still suffering an unsatisfactory service. We believe that this service comes from Holyport via Moneyrow. Our next task is to attempt to discover what the plans are to upgrade this service.

We are trying to build a detailed map of overall coverage in our area. Please help us do this by submitting your details via the link below. There are many web sites offering speed tests and all seem to provide different results. So we have a consistent measure please use the speedtest the various Internet Service Providers use as a standard measure -


Please ensure that you use either Internet Explorer or Safari as the test won’t work with any other browsers.

Once you have a speed result please submit your details here

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