Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Update report 17 - 21.05.2013
Waiting for Openreach response

We recently submitted an email enquiry directly to Mr O'Sullivan who has in the past provided answers to our questions via Theresa May's office. As well as taking the opportunity to thank him for his help in the past the central part of our message was ...

"There now remain particular areas that are hardly served at all -

1 - Forest Green Road from its junction with Moneyrow Green heading west into Oakley Green Road and on westwards as far as the change to 01753 Windsor exchange service, which appears to be very good. This means that connection speeds jump from a miserable 0.1 or less to a respectable 20 between one neighbour and the next.

2 - The Drift Road

These areas have a red outline on the attached map of our area."

Mr O'Sullivan immediately passed our enquiry to Openreach and on May 17 we received a notification with a case reference number from Ms Judy Robertson (Openreach High Level Complaints Gatekeeper) ...

"The High Level Complaints team will undertake a comprehensive investigation into the issues that you have raised which will involve contacting a number of departments within Openreach so may take some time. We will endeavour to update you as quickly as we can, although we would appreciate your patience whilst the investigation is ongoing."

We hope to receive some sort of answer before the Summer Newsletter copy deadline.

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