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The simplest way to send your material is as email attachements.
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How to make a ZIP file
Windows - put all the files in the same folder - select all the files -
right-click one of the selected files - choose Send to and then
Compressed (zipped) folder - a new zip file will appear in same folder

Mac - create a folder of all files you'd like to ZIP - select the folder and select File>Compress in the top menu bar. This will create a zip file in the same place as the folder

iPad - possible but complicated by differing versions of iPadiOS. Just make several single submissions or send an email(s) with attachment(s)
If you have several photos to submit you can attach 3-5 to each of several emails or you may find it more convenient to create a ZIP file containing many files.
Although most email providers will allow fairly large files as attachments there may be a few that have maximum size limits. So if you have many files to submit you may find it more convenient to use the free online service below.
This online service allows you to either upload many files or a large ZIP file to their server and they will notify us to download them. You can transfer up to a total of 2 Gigabytes at a time using this service.