Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Drainage update 10 - 10.07.2012
Further improvements needed at wet spots

Heavy rainfall at the end of April made a few things clear ...

1 - We must put Braywood Lodge back on our list. We had great hopes, but the garden was starting to flood again even though it didn't threaten the house.

2 - The situation at the speed bump in Fifield Road near Longlea Nursing Home is as unnecessarily ridiculous as ever. The legal department seems no nearer to moving this forward, so we will be investigating the possibility of arranging for the necessary work ourselves.

3 - It was suggested that work for the SEW pipeline had removed the Coningsby Lane problem. It's now clear that isn't so. Both ends of the Lane were again inundated. We have had further discussions with local residents and will again be working towards improvements. Photos of these very "wet spots" can be found on the web site via the Photo Gallery.

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