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Drainage update 2 - 23.09.2010
You may have been aware that the first "wet spot" on our list, though the simplest of all to solve, seems to have seen no progress whatsoever. Except of course several OGAFCA volunteers did answer our call and put in considerable effort to do some manual work to alleviate the problem temporarily.

The long delay has been caused by the Gas Authority requiring consultation before any further work could be undertaken. Streetcare have had to issue 3 separate notices before finally being able to achieve this consultation.

It turns out that the reason the Gas Board has been so elusive is because the gas main was laid in the ditch itself. This is something of course that should never happen. Consequently Streetcare have had to undertake to carry out some exploratory excavations to ascertain the exact depth of this pipe before anything else can be done.

With Autumn here and winter approaching we have been trying to get an update on the status of this work but "out of office" email responses mean that any information we finally manage to get will not be in time for the Autumn newsletter.

We have also been trying without success to investigate the possibility of arranging for necessary work to be done at Braywood Lodge on the Oakley Green Road. But we are on the case and will hopefully have more details on both these items in time for the AGM.

Rod Lord
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