Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Drainage update 20 - 01.02.2015

In the summer of 2014 we were assured by Streetcare that the long awaited consultant was finally in the process of carrying out a catchment study of our area. They have confirmed that stage one was completed in mid September 2014 at the time of the OGAFCA AGM.

Stage 2 was to involve inspection of areas considered to be significant in terms of flood risk and liaison with flood wardens, Parish Council and community representatives. We were told that our “9 Wet Spots” report had been passed to the consultant for consideration with a request to contact OGAFCA’s Environment Work Group as part of this Stage. We are due to meet with the consultant during the first week of February.

Stage 3 will involve the development of an action plan to address flooding issues in the catchment.

The useless ditch along the Fifield Road in the vicinity of Pond House has now been replaced with a pipe. Upgraded road side gullies now feed properly into this pipe rather than going nowhere as they used to. Water is now taken southwards and under the road to a mamnhole chamber under the pavement at the corner of Garden Cottage’s fence. From here it is taken eastwards along the fence and onwards along the southern edge of the polo pitch. Streetcare have reported that the outflow from the chamber into and along the ditch needs to be improved as the height of the ditch bed is likely to cause some backing up. The Landowner has very kindly agreed to carry out the necessary work as soon as possible. We are very grateful to Streetcare for their determination and hard work in trying to improve matters to avoid a repetition of the problems residents have experienced recently.

For those who are interested the drainage map of the OGAFCA area shows this situation.

A drainage summary of all wet spots is regularly updated.

Once again I need to emphasize that we urgently need someone to step forward to take on this drainage role. There is clearly still much useful work needing to be done. At the 2015 AGM I will step down whether anyone else has come forward or not. Obviously I very much hope that someone with more youthful vigour picks up the baton long before then !

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