Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Drainage update 22 - 08.08.2015

We are still in pause mode while we wait for the consultants appointed by Streetcare to complete their Phase 3 involving the compilation of a report with conclusions and recommendations. It is not clear when this phase is due to complete and we have requested this information from both Streetcare and their consultants. We will update information on the web site once we have it. On May 13 we delivered to the consultants as requested a compilation map of our area with overlaid drainage details that we are aware of - ditches, pipes, areas of flooding, etc. You can view this map here - use the layers in Acrobat Reader to switch items off and on.

In the last Newsletter we called for information regarding flooding on the south side of Oakley Green Road leading west towards the school and the cricket ground. A local resident had pointed out that this happens during times of heavy rainfall. Unfortunately we have absolutely no information as to what happens or why. If any residents living along this stretch of road are aware of this and can describe what happens we would be very grateful if they contact us via the button below or by phoning 01628 784441 to arrange a convenient time for a site visit. Until somebody offers information I'm afraid we are pretty helpless to try and suggest or achieve any remedy. The best we can hope for is to observe it happening next time.

We notice that the ditch flowing out of the manhole chamber on Fifield Road and along the boundary of Garden Cottage heading east has not yet been cleared. At the end of 2014 Streetcare requested that the landowner do this and lower the level of the ditch so as not to obstruct the outflow. They were led to believe that this would be done early in 2015. We will ask Streetcare to renew their request in the hope that it will be done by the Autumn.

A drainage summary and status of all 9 current wet spots is available here and is regularly updated.

Finally ... and I know you must be bored with hearing this ... we urgently need someone to step forward to take on the drainage role. There is still much useful work to be done. At the 2015 AGM in September I will step down whether anyone else has come forward or not. Obviously I very much hope that someone with more youthful vigour picks up the baton before then !

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