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Drainage update 4 - 04.01.2011
We have just had another update from Simon Lavin at Streetcare in connection with items 2 and 3 on our list of "wet spots".

2 - Fifield Road - the speed bump area near Longlea Nursing Home

Unfortunately we are still unable to confirm that the work is scheduled but we have been told that an official notice has been sent to the owner of the field requiring that the ditch be re-instated to proper working order.

We do not expect this to achieve any positive result as this ditch has been untouched since about 1987. But at least this stage of the process can be dispensed with and we will keep pressing for the work to be done.

3 - Braywood Lodge - Oakley Green Road

Streetcare have now confirmed that they will after all add the clearing of the pipe under the roadside verge to their list of work to be done. This is very good news indeed although we are aware that the exit point of this pipe into the roadside ditch is virtually blocked by the lack of depth in this section of ditch. We are following up on this and if necessary OGAFCA volunteers will clear this section of ditch before jetting of the pipe takes place.

Possible appointment of Land Drainage Engineer ...

We have heard no more on this but will keep ears open for any progress as this would be a very positive stride forward.

Rod Lord
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