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Drainage update 5 - 11.02.2011
"Wet Spot" 2 - Fifield Road at speed bump

We reported in the Autumn Newsletter that Streetcare had finally managed to have a consultation with the Gas utility who thought they may have laid a gas main in this ditch. Streetcare have carried out exploratory work to determine at what depth this might be and there does not appear to be a gas main in the ditch after all. Notice has been issued to the owner of the adjacent field to return it to proper functioning order. There has been no response and Streetcare issued a second letter during the week beginning January 31. If no response is forthcoming within 4 weeks the matter will be referred to the Council's Legal Section. We reported to Streetcare that the surface of the road at this spot had become seriously deteriorated. They informed Highways who have carried out patching work. It looks as if there will be further delays so we may again need to form a volunteer work party to do more manual clearance as a temporary holding measure.

"Wet Spot" 3 - Braywood Lodge, Oakley Green Road

Much better news on this. Streetcare initially said this was the responsibility of the residents. We stressed that the main problem is a blocked pipe under the roadside verge. Streetcare have now agreed to schedule this pipe to be jetted. It was noted in our report that the outflow of this pipe is impeded by the silted-up ditch bed and I had a site visit with Phillip Mortimer who keeps the rest of this ditch clear. The first section of this ditch as it leaves the pipe on its way to the major water course to the east is not his responsibility. We will be forming another volunteer work party to clear this section before Streetcare can do their work. Phil is an Environment volunteer and has kindly offered to bring his spade !

"Wet Spot" 4 - Coningsby Lane

We will return to this for further discussions with landowners. There was an assertion that land drainage pipe laid during the installation of the SEW pipeline would somehow solve the problem. Recent wet weather has shown this is not the case. Unfortunately we have lost the opportunity of an offer from Streetcare early last year for the installation of an underground pipe along the edge of a field. The funding for that is now no longer available.

"Wet Spot" 5 - Field Entrance on Oakley Green Road

The site visit with Phil Mortimer continued to look at this. We have made a proposal for some limited work that could improve this situation and Streetcare have kindly agreed to investigate the feasibility when they carry out the work nearby at Braywood Lodge.

We would like to compile a list of people who might be prepared occasionally to put on their wellies and bring their spade for a couple of hours to various locations. We will contact them when suitable dates and times are set (most likely on Sunday afternoons). Hopefully a few on the list will be able to spare time to turn out for one or other of the work parties. We would be very grateful if any of you who feel this is something you could contribute to would notify us of your willingness via the contact button below.

Rod Lord
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