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Drainage update 7 - 08.08.2011
Two down - seven to go !

Streetcare have confirmed that the planned jetting of various pipes, as requested by the Environment Work Group, has now been completed.

The roadside pipe running east under the verge from a manhole at the new bus stop in front of Braywood Lodge has been jetted and is now clear. So until the next extreme wet weather when we can properly evaluate the success of our efforts at this location, we are very pleased to be able to put a tick alongside number 3 on our "wet spot" list.

A little further east along Oakley Green Road is our "wet spot" 5 at a field entrance next to "Woodlands". The pipe running east from here under the footway has also been jetted and is clear. A defect or break was detected near the boundary of "Woodlands" with "Forest Green Farm". An order to excavate and rectify this defect is to be raised and at the same time two new gullies will be installed at the field entrance to feed into this pipe. In our report this is the minimum recommendation. But because the diameter of the underground pipe is only approximately 300mm this measure can only be expected to delay the point at which water floods the road. Unfortunately our proposal to properly deal with this "wet spot" would involve large scale works and investment and a budget for this will need to be sought outside the normal channels.

At our request the culvert under the entrance to Manor Grove has also been jetted and is clean.

Not such positive news on our long running effort to resolve item 2 on our list. This is the ditch at the speed hump in Fifield Road near Longlea Nursing Home. After issuing a second notice to the landowners involved, Streetcare have received a co-operative response from one landowner. Unfortunately, no response has been forthcoming from the landowner responsible for the particular stretch of ditch which is the direct cause of the problem at the speed hump itself. We have been informed that although this matter should have been passed to the Council's Legal Section it has not yet been taken up by them as they have apparently been undergoing a major re-organisation. It therefore seems unlikely that this most simple of all our "wet spots" will see any kind of proper resolution before the wet weather comes again. So it seems inevitable that we will again have to call on the efforts of OGAFCA volunteers in the autumn.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that it is the responsibility of the householder, or landowner to maintain culverts under their driveways and ditches along their boundaries, including those alongside roads.

Rod Lord
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