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Drainage update 9 - 02.04.2012
Very good news

In the previous report I mentioned again that Streetcare were intending to appoint a Flood Risk Engineer. Simon Lavin of Streetcare expected this to be helpful to us in our efforts to address the list of "wet spots" in our area.

I am happy to be able to report that Mr Hanif Baksh has now been appointed to this position. The Environment Work Group is very grateful to Cllr David Coppinger who has been very supportive and as a result a meeting took place in early March. We were able to discuss the full extent of the various situations in our report and do site visits for the two simplest outstanding items - number 2 on the Fifield Road near Longlea Nursing Home and 4 in Coningsby Lane.

We do of course hope to move on to consider in detail each of the remaining more difficult locations in due course but it would be unrealistic to expect to be able to do all of this at once. Mr Baksh is very co-operative and positive and is in the process of adding our information to the overall plan he is creating. Once he has had a chance to assimilate the complete picture we hope to see some progress soon towards dealing with the simplest of all on our list at the speed bump in Fifield Road.

Moving forward one-by-one on the list as a whole will inevitably be a slow process in these times of austerity when budgets are limited but things certainly feel a bit more hopeful.

Rod Lord
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