Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
General update 1 - 23.09.2010
So far there has not been much visible progress with footpaths and bridleways although we are working with the Royal Borough to steadily make improvements.

You will have noticed that many stiles have been replaced this year with kissing gates and the Borough has a programme to continue with this to improve access for small children and anyone with mobility problems. Sadly, budgetary restraints have slowed the progress of this project but it is ongoing and we have already suggested to the Borough a couple of sites that might be prioritised. If there is a particular stile that you feel is in urgent need of replacement please let us know via the usual channels.

Those of you who use the footpath from Tarbay Lane to the Oakley Green Road (opposite Willow Farm) will be delighted to learn that the narrow path which is normally impassable during the winter months is due to be re-surfaced very shortly! I for one, look forward to that happening.

And speaking of re-surfacing…..a new experimental surface is about to be put down on the Cruch Lane bridleway (off the Drift Road). This looks like wood chips but has had a substance added to it that makes it weld together during wet weather so that it forms a firm surface. Apparently this has been trialled in the West Country to great effect so if it is a success here we hope it may be used on the other bridleways in our Parish.

Progress on the improvement in the bridleway network is slow but we are looking to find ways that we may access the Great Park via Windsor Forest. Watch this space!

Barbara Frame
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