Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Stiles to kissing gates - 13.02.2014
We were under the impression that all stiles in our area were in the process of being changed to kissing gates. Furthermore we thought that it was possible to flag up some locations as being more urgent and promote them to the top of the list. With this in mind and after enquiries from residents we asked about several stiles shown on this map.

On Feb 10 2014 we received a reply from The Public Rights of Way Officer :

"The Council is not able to change authorised stiles to kissing gates without the landowners agreement, unfortunately this has not been possible in some areas, but we do look to change them where we can. Where a stile is out of repair we can ask the landowner to put it into a fit standard for use. Most recently the stiles along Footpath 45 have been repaired, the stile along Bray Footpath 46 does require repair or replacement and I will contact the landowners about this. I am not sure whether the landowner of Bray FP 41 has been approached regarding removal of stiles but I will check and if not we will contact them."

We will follow up on this from time to time to try and get these stiles changed.

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