9 Wet Spots 2020
Where are we after 11 years ?
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1 Cricket Ground - Oakley Green Road
Some early improvement was achieved here when in 2009 an old bucket was cleared from the manhole chamber on the south side of the Oakley Green Road. We thought this was an early success and for a while it seemed to be. But recently the flooding seems to be becoming more frequent again.

We asked Streetcare to investigate further as the Cricket Club were reporting increasing problems also. They confirmed in 2014 that the culverts crossing Oakley Green Road in the vicinity of the cricket club had again been checked and cleaned. A site meeting took place on Tuesday July 15 2014. The pitch and nets get flooded in the winter and the Oakley Green Road frequently floods along their stretch.

We believe the root cause of the road flooding is an inadequate capacity in culvert and chamber at their south west corner and the underground pipe heading north from there along their western boundary. Until such time as the capacity of this route is increased we do not expect to see any improvement.

We need to investigate with landowners the possibility of introducing a sump or pond area to try and hold back excess water at times of heavy rainfall. We understand that Streetcare were, and now Project Centre are, considering our earlier suggestions of delaying the arrival of water flowing towards this point and increasing the holding capacity of the ditch and ground on the southern side of the road at (A). We still await their proposals with interest.

Although happening far less frequently than in the past this site has again been briefly flooded in winter 2020 and consequently this wet spot has been returned to RED status.