9 Wet Spots 2020
Where are we after 11 years ?
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6 Ledger Farm - Coningsby Lane and Forest Green Road
Water coming down (A) off the high ground of the Drift Road collects on either side of an entrance (B) on the south side of the Forest Green Road. When the valve for the pipe under the road into the pond at Ledger Farm (C) is closed water can only proceed northward by spilling out across Forest Green Road and down Coningsby Lane.

We have been unable to achieve anything here yet. Suggestions made in our original report are unlikely to find Local Government funding, at least not in the short term.

Perhaps the best that can be attempted in the short term is to encourage the landowner to agree to accept much more of a sump area (D) on the south side of the road so as to delay the progress of large quantities of water for a little longer.

This would also have the beneficial effect of not increasing or even reducing the flow of water arriving at the north of Fifield in the front garden of Willow Creek (which used to be a pond) and trying to get under the road at the culvert there (which used to be a road bridge) to flow round the back of what was the old Chapel.