9 Wet Spots 2020
Where are we after 11 years ?
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7 Fifield Road - Stewart Close to Garden Cottage
In 2001, 2003-2004, and again on Saturday 4 January 2014 flooding at A forced residents to barricade their properties and deploy pumps. OGAFCA then made this the priority location as the most residents and properties were threatened. A site meeting on March 27 2015 led to a Streetcare investigation and within an hour a Streetcare team were clearing and jetting drains and gullies along this stretch. Contrary to expectations the gullies on the west side of the road did not extend away from the road at all but merely lead into the ditch, which was virtually non-existent anyway.

Streetcare’s investigations led them to a decision to pipe the whole length from (B) to the chamber at (C) and renew roadside gullies and curbs. However, they said that the outflow from the chamber (C) flowing eastward beside the boundary of Garden Cottage along ditch (E) towards the Polo pitch needed to be cleaned out or the system would still back up. We wrote to the Landowner and a site meeting took place on Thursday July 17 2014. The landowner, Mr Bennett, met with us and Streetcare on site and agreed to clear the ditch.

At the end of October 2014 Streetcare carried out work and the new gullies now feed into this new pipe and from there under the road to the chamber. The contractors reported that the ditch towards the polo pitch still needed to be cleaned out or water would back up in the new pipe. Streetcare contacted the landowner again who promised to carry out the necessary maintenance. Unfortunately as far as we are aware this work has still not yet been done but this location has a GREEN status until wet weather shows if it is still deficient.