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Drainage Summary - 04.03.2020

In 2008 a survey of 400 households was carried out as a step towards the development of a Community Action Plan. Unsurprisingly a large number of returns reflected a concern about drainage and flooding. As part of progressing towards an Action Plan the Environment Work Group (one of the 8 OGAFCA work groups) produced a detailed report titled "9 wet spots". RBWM Streetcare were very helpful during this process and provided surveys and charts of known drainage routes that had been last surveyed in 2001. The 9 "Wet spots" report was part of the Environment Work Group's submission towards the Community Action Plan in 2009. OGAFCA Environment has remained in contact with RBWM Streetcare ever since in an attempt to work through the 9 "wet spots" numbered from the easiest to the most difficult. The history of this can be followed in detail via the main Environment page which gives access to many Drainage update reports, collections of photos, and other assorted information. Every issue of the Newsletter has also contained a drainage update. The original "wet spot" report has been updated and is now at version 6 - 9 "Wet spots" 2020

We have had one or two successes over the years which you can track by clicking on "wet spots" on the map above.

A Streetcare consultant was finally appointed in 2014 to carry out a study of the drainage problems in our area. Our "9 Wet Spots" report was passed on to the consultant and Stage 1 of the catchment study was scheduled for completion by Friday Sept 19 2014, the day following our AGM.

Stage 2 of the catchment study was supposed to involve inspection of areas considered to be significant in terms of flood risk and liaison with flood wardens, Parish Council representatives and community representatives. The consultant was asked to contact the Oakley Green Fifield and District Community Association Environment Work Group as part of that Stage.

Stage 3 was to involve the development of an action plan to address flooding issues in the catchment. Sadly RBWM dismissed the consultants WSP and the task should have been taken up by their new consultants Project Centre. There has been absolutely no progress towards any of this as far as we can make out.

But we keep trying and are due at another meeting with RBWM Highways at the end of March 2020 in an effort to pursue solutions, or at least improvements, for the remaining RED status spots above.

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