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Local Planning - Phoenix Gym Amended Plan documents
29.01.2016 - Phoenix Gym Amended Application documents
Phoenix Gym - amended plans - Jan 25 2016
Phoenix Gym - Water Management - SUDS - Jan 25 2016
Phoenix Gym - Flood Risk Assesment - Jan 25 2016
The RBWM Planning Officer set a cutoff date of Jan 25 2016 after which the application would proceed on the basis of whatever documents were already in the public domain. The Phoenix Application Statement was resubmitted and uploaded to RBWM site on Feb 01 2016. We have removed the original document from the list above and the new one is available below.
Phoenix Gym - resubmitted amended Application Statement - Feb 01 2016
PLANNING APPLICATION 15/02107 - Phoenix Gym (Amended)

RBWM have asked for written responses by Tuesday Feb 9.

RBWM Planning - and please copy to the Parish Clerk.
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