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Local Planning - The Fifield Survey
Planning update 11 - 24.09.2014 - Fifield Village Green Consultation Survey
OGAFCA are helping to carry out a survey of local opinion.

The survey is not an OGAFCA initiative but we are helping to carry it out on behalf of the Bray Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

The survey is an attempt to establish the balance of local opinion IN PRINCIPLE to the proposal. This is not about detail as there has been no planning application and may not ever be one. If the response is favourable the site may be included in the local Neighbourhood Plan along with whatever guidance or constraints emerge from this excercise.

It is not our task to present an opinion either way but simply to aid in the distribution and gathering of information.

The survey is by household rather than individual but if occupants disagree please use the form to represent both opinions by making it plain - “Occupant 1, Occupant 2, ... “ etc, or use the reverse of the sheet to express the second set of responses.

Responses are completely anonymous. If you are concerned that your anonymity may be compromised by our collecting your answer sheet from you please put it in a sealed envelope.

You can read the explanatory notes here and if you have not received a survey but would like to participate please contact us via the button below to request an answer form or phone 01628 784441.

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