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Local Planning - The Fifield Survey
Planning update 14 - 04.11.2014 - The Fifield Survey
About half of our Residents – those living and working in the 235 or so Properties in and very close to Fifield Village – were recently asked to take part in a Survey.

It was not an OGAFCA initiative, but one being carried out by the Bray Parish Neighbourhood Plan (BPNP) Steering Group.

OGAFCA’s role was to use our network of deliverers and expertise in carrying out surveys (from our own work in 2008/09) to help the BPNP Steering Group establish the views of our local Residents.

The Survey was asking if the Community would be supportive of the principle of having a Village Green and/or Open Space on an area to the West of Fifield Road and immediately to the South of Stewart Close. Some of you may know it as the field used for parking on the day of the Fifield Fun Day.

The owner of the land has proposed gifting part of the area (1.9 acres or 42%) for use by the Community. As part of the development the Landowner is looking to build some houses on the rest of the land in question (2.5 acres or 57%). An Indicative Plan prepared by the Landowner was included as part of the Survey and showed a number of detached houses and semi-detached houses. (See OGAFCA Website for more information).

If the response is favourable, the Green Belt site may be included in the local Bray Parish Neighbourhood Plan. But any development would still need a Planning Application in the normal way before it could proceed - at which time Residents would be able to express their views.

OGAFCA did not have a view on the proposal before the Survey was completed, but will support the view of the majority of Responses from Residents once the exercise is completed.

Many thanks to the Deliverers who knocked on doors – in many cases more than once – to achieve what has turned out to be a fantastic Response Rate of over 70%. And many thanks for everyone who took part and completed the Survey.

The results of the Survey are expected to be published soon.

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