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What is our Role ?
The results of the survey overwhelmingly indicated a number of areas of significant concern to the residents of Fifield and Oakley Green.

64% of those residents who answered the survey were concerned about the lack of “Footways” (pavements in rural areas). Poor or no street lighting in stretches of road without footways is also considered to be a serious problem.

60% want better traffic speed regulation. Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) and Speed Cameras were the more popular methods (NOT Speed Humps).

58% want enforcement of weight restrictions in Fifield Village to reduce the number of HGVs.

It was also suggested that a mini roundabout should be put at the junction of Fifield Road, Oakley Green Road, Fifield Lane and Forest Green Road.

The need for a more frequent and reliable bus service with additional routes was also of concern, as was the need for new lower speed limits on all roads and a reduction in air traffic noise. We hope you will understand that the last of these may be a little beyond our influence !

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