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What have we done so far ?
On the issue of reducing HGV traffic we have already had some spectacular success. One of our volunteers has put his video camera to good use and by analysing paused frames has been able to contact the companies involved directly. The number plates of unmarked vehicles have been reported to the police who have been extremely helpful. Consequently we can report that HGV traffic has virtually ceased. This will of course remain an ongoing issue requiring constant vigilance indefinitely.

These issues ALL require long term planning and funding but we have been in contact with RBWM and the Head of Highways and Engineering and have been advised that they are producing a report on the lack of footways which is to be finalised by the first week of March 2009.

Councillors have already been asked to identify areas in need of footways and we have informed RBWM of concern regarding the lack of footways throughout the area - in particular Fifield Road (North), most of Forest Green Road, Oakley Green Road from the Dedworth Road to the A308 and the Drift Road.

What are our long term plans ?
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