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What are our long term plans ?
These are all long terms projects which will require significant change and resources. Consultation with and assessment by RBWM, the police, Parish Councillors and the local Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) will also be necessary.

For example, before deciding to change an existing speed limit the Council must consider all the relevant factors and if it is considered that a change in the speed limit is warranted then a new Speed limit Order has to be made. This involves a statutory legal process that can take up to seven months to complete.

We have contacted the RBWM Head of Highways and Engineering and are in the process of carrying out the necessary research to establish what procedures need to be followed to set plans in motion for delivering the required improvements.

However we have been advised that the Borough has started to try to match funds of projects that are both a local priority and high priority for road safety, or accident reduction. In addition it is hoped that they will have larger budgets for footways this year. We are consequently hoping to establish some joint priorities and work together on improvements in the area for inclusion in the Community Action Plan.

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