Garden Tips series : 4 - October to December
Bill Collier - 23.10.2009
Tips 4 - October to December - 23.10.2009

October onwards is the time to take out of the ground any crops that are ready to be lifted and if necessary stored for use over the winter months. Main crop potatoes, beet and carrots being the main crops along with onions which should be tied in bunches and hung in the garden shed to dry off. Tidy up the vegetable plot and start to dig the plot roughly adding fertiliser at the same time, well rotted manure is ideal to add to the soil at this time. There is no need to break up big lumps of soil as the action of rain and frost over the winter period will do this for you. Digging is an arduous job so do a little and often trying to get it all done by the end of November.

November is a month where you can do little in the garden but you can clean up the greenhouse and start planting for next spring, so clear out the areas you will be using for next year's seedlings and also layout on the floor a couple of grow bags and plant some winter lettuce seeds sowing thinly and these will grow slowly over the winter months. Don't use a greenhouse heater as the idea is to make the plants hardy for planting out early in the new year. It is possible to sow broad beans and round seeded peas in the open but they will need some protection from heavy frosts so sow under cloches to give them the best start. Keep checking your stored vegetables for decay because as the saying goes," One bad apple in the barrel will rot the rest".

Plan next year's crop rotation. Remember not to plant the same vegetables in the same place. Once you have established what you are going to put in and where, get your seed catalogue and get your order in. Most suppliers offer a discount for orders of a certain value so check out their websites if you have a computer and find the best deal.

In the survey which was sent out to the village a lot of people wanted a garden club in the village and I tried to put into operation a garden share scheme. The idea was to bring anyone with a garden that they did not or could not use together with fit men and women who wanted a garden to dig. I hoped to introduce one to the other. Unfortunately the response was very poor but it is still in operation so if you are interested in either or both then please contact me on this website or by phone on 01628676939.

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