Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Local Business
What is our Role ?
We were set up at a slightly later date to all the other Work Groups - after the Survey was completed.

So we have had less time to make as much progress as some of the other Groups ... as yet !

The plan is to carry out our own mini survey and contact all businesses in the area, including those who work from home, to ask several questions :

1 - Why they chose to be located in this particular area ?
2 - What do they like about being located in this area ?
3 - What problems do they experience being located in the area ?
4 - Are they interested in getting involved in local projects (ie with the Community Plan) ?
5 - Would they be willing to advertise in the local newsletter?

We will then assess what needs to be done to take account of their requirements and difficulties and how best to involve them in the local community if they wish to.

How can you help ?