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Drainage - Current Status - Wet Spot 4 - 16.11.2021
4 - Coningsby Lane north
Unfortunately this has been returned to Amber status. This is because the familiar collection of a small lake at the actual junction with Fifield Road is still happening. It is no longer being fed by water running down the lane from the ditches because all of that is now being handled by the very successful new culvert and pipeline taking water northward.

In the past OGAFCA requested that Streetcare installed one-way valves in the routes from the gullies in Coningsby Lane at this point to the culvert under Fifield Road a bit further south. When that culvert became fully charged, as it obviously does in times of extremis, the pressure was driving water back up the gullies in the Lane. This did seem to improve matters for a bit but it is possible that the valves have become silted up and jammed open. At our last quarterly meeting we requested that these routes be jetted but it has not yet been confirmed this has been done.

The History ...

This has actually been going on since 2001 when there was bad flooding in Fifield. Ever since then there have been attempts to try and put something in place to cope with the regular flooding of Coningsby Lane where it meets Fifield Road. This had been happening regularly whenever there was heavy and prolonged rainfall.

OGAFCA finally managed, 18 years later, to get agreement and funding from RBWM to carry out our proposed solution. We are VERY pleased to report that the work was carried out in 2019 with great care and skill and is now complete and functioning perfectly. We expressed a special thank you to Michael Llewelyn who project managed the undertaking for RBWM Highways. After all those years this "wet spot" was given a green status in 2020.

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