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Drainage - Current Status - Wet Spot 6 - 16.11.2021
6 - Ledger Farm - Coningsby Lane and Forest Green Rd
Water coming down off the Drift Road high ground collects on either side of an entrance on the south side of the Forest Green Road and can only proceed by spilling out onto Forest Green Road and down Coningsby Lane. We have been unable to achieve anything here yet. Suggestions made in our report are unlikely to find Local Government funding, at least not in the short term.

Perhaps the best we can try to achieve in the short term is to encourage the landowner to agree to provide much more of a sump area on the south side of the road so as to delay the progress of large quantities of water for a while longer.

This would also have the beneficial effect of reducing the flow of water arriving in the front garden of Willow Creek (which used to be a pond) at "wetspot" 8 and trying to get under the road at the culvert there.

OGAFCA has had informal discussion with the Farmer who understandably is reluctant to lose even more productive arrable land than he already does. This has much wider implications as OGAFCA has been advocating the principle of delaying the flow of water generally as one of the few options open to us.

Years ago Streetcare promised they were looking into this but nothing more came of it. We have been raising this again via our quarterly meetings but we are now waiting for a local catchment study to be re-launched. That is now on pause waiting for funds which have been applied for. We are told that Central Government is now advocating the same principle by encouraging "sponge" areas for which we are led to believe funds may be made available.

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