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Drainage - Current Status - Wet Spot 7B - 17.11.2021
7 - Fifield Road - Pond Cottage south to Braywood Memorial Hall
In the original "Wetspot" reports this location was treated as part of the problem further north up Fifield Road, between Stewart Close and Garden Cottage, referred to as "wetspot 7".

This whole stretch of Fifield Road from the Fifield Inn to Stewart Close was the site of flooding in 2001, 2003-2004, and again on Saturday 4 January 2014.

Our first efforts for this area have been to try and get the route north from the Fifield Inn car park entrance northwards to a chamber at the northern boundary of Garden Cottage. From that point water from both north and south flows eastward towards the polo pitch.

We have been raising this issue at the quarterly TEAMS meetings and RBWM contractors have investigated and although they deny responsibility for this route (claiming that it is all on private land) they have carried out jetting of the underground pipe "as a favour to the community". You can follow an email thread on this subject here.

Once again we seem to be left with a situation where the only remaining option is to try and create areas to hold back the flow of water before it arrives at the pinch points.

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