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 date : 07.03.2016    subject : PHOENIX GYM    submitted by : Courtenay Tordoff

According to an e-mail I have just received from Victoria Gibson at the Town Hall the council is being recommended to refuse the Phoenix Gym application. The development control panel meeting is on Wednesday March 16 at 7 p.m. Anyone wishing to speak should contact the planning dept by 5 p.m. on Monday March 14. Each speaker is allowed three minutes.

 date : 08.10.2015    subject : PHOENIX GYM    submitted by : Courtenay Tordoff

I was never very good at maths - the director of the Phoenix Gym says in today's Maidenhead Advertiser that 1,000 people a week use the gym in its present location but if it moved to Fifield there would be no increase in the amount of traffic. Are they all going to walk there ?

 date : 21.09.2014    subject : PEACE AND QUIET    submitted by : Courtenay Tordoff

Does anyone else find it slightly unnecessary for an ice cream van to drive down Stewart Close, Fifield, at 2 pm on a Sunday afternoon with loud music chiming ? I have nothing against ice cream vendors but isn't Sunday a day of peace and rest ?

 date : 26.03.2013    subject : Forest Green Rd Trafic    submitted by : Ronald Jones

The very comprehensive Trafic Survey (40)pages done by The Huristone Partnership in suport of the currently proposed 8 pitch Gypsy Caravan Site at Forest Green Road now available by going to RBWM Site Application ref.13/00702 gives trafic numbers ,speeds, accidents.etc.in exceptional detail. Speed on average was observed to be 49.4 mph.(going East) and 50.1 mph.(Westward) Flows at peak times 08/09 were given 2886 vehicles (1492eastward) and (1394 westward) over a 7day period Accidents over the period 01 September 2007 to 31 August 2012 Three.

 date : 01.02.2012    subject : Traffic Speed B3024 Forest Green Road    submitted by : Robin Robins

Dear Louise,

I understand from you and also the Winter Newsletter that the proposed reduction to 40mh is yet to go to consultation.

I have lived for some two years here and have narrowly missed being hit on a number of occasions when driving out of my drive where there is a dangerous blind spot.

Road Description
The B3024 is three miles long. As Forest Green Road it heads east toward Windsor from the 50mph A330 above Holyport. Despite being built up on both sides with no paths there is no speed restriction. After nearly half a mile there is a narrow bridge where vehicles cannot pass each other, just before a sharp T junction with Moneyrow Green at the Jolly Gardener. Forest Green Road continues east for a further mile to the Fifield crossroads, still quite built up and still no paths. The B3024 now becomes the Oakley Green Road with a 40mph restriction and plenty of paths, connecting with the A308 a mile and a half further on.

May I make the following observations :

1. The safer 1.5miles of the B3024 (Oakley Green Road) has pathways and a 40mph limit. The road width excluding the paths is 19’8” (6 metres)

2. The unsafe 1.5miles of the B3024 (Forest Green Road) has no pathways and is unrestricted. The road width is 16’42 (5 metres) – ONE METRE LESS than Oakley Green Road.

3. The road is narrow, quite winding, and with many horses (often two abreast) and sport cyclists particularly at weekends, speeding motorists have to break sharply.

4. Turning right (west) from my property towards Holyport I have a blind spot 70 yards away. A car heading east at 60mph allows me three seconds to drive across the road to the west lane as it comes into view.

5. Similarly Gadds Cottage on the south side of the road nearer the Moneyrow junction has a more dangerous blind spot and would have two seconds to gain the east direction. A car coming round the corner at 60mph would have trouble avoiding a collision.

6. I never walk the 500 yards to Moneyrow Green, far too dangerous with cars’ speed unrestricted, no dedicated path and an uneven raised verge.

These points are very valid. I would urge the appropriate authorities to introduce a 40mph restriction before there is a major accident.

Kind regards


 date : 06.11.2011    subject : bray (windsor road) priors way    submitted by : P.Jary


I wish to express my misgivings with reference to the already unnecessarily positioned Drying Plant on the Salting site taking sunlight from the opposite sited residences in Priors Way. Am I right in thinking that this plan was pushed through over both Bray and Maidenhead councils' heads, due to the fact that it was on government owned land ?

Secondly, I would like to complain about the state of the road surface. It seems that it has become a series of holes connected vaguely by tarmac. Also it is starting to sink alarmingly in various parts.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the meeting due to a prior (no pun intended) appointment, but would appreciate my views being aired. I will continue to distribute various literatures in the neighbourhood.


Peter Jary.

 date : 16.06.2011    subject : Speed Limit Forest Green Road    submitted by : Tony

Good Evening

I assume that this is the correct forum to make my views known on the announcement in today’s Advertiser that the Parish Council is proposing supporting a reduction in the speed limit of Forest Green Road from 60 to 40 mph. If I am incorrect in this please let me know.

I have lived on the Aysgarth Park / Springfield Park estates for approximately 30 years and regularly use this road. I have to say that I consider it to be entirely safe at its present 60 mph and usually travel, subject to weather and traffic conditions, at or close to this legal limit. I own a variety of cars from new to a classic car approaching 50 years old and have never found this road to be any less safe than any other ‘non- restricted’ roads in the area.

I must confess to have never heard of OGAFCA before reading this article and must question whether the survey has really reached far enough to harvest the opinions of all users of this road rather than those people who live on or near it.

I read with interest that the Borough road safety manager has reported that there have been some 12 crashes, with injuries, since 2006 on this road – I am clearly no expert but over a 5 year period this seems a very low figure when compared to the high volume of traffic being seen and I would be interested to learn whether speed  was an issue or poor driving and judgement on behalf of those involved.

Over the years there has been a large number of speed reductions on roads in my local area and really the time has come to stop the obsession with speed being the cause of many accidents. As an experienced driver including competing on international rallies I am well aware that it is not usually speed that is the problem but lack of attention, poor judgement, slow reactions and a lack of skill in forward planning and anticipation that is the main root of all these issues.

I think it is important that councillors do not allow themselves to perhaps be persuaded by an apparently influential, vocal and perhaps well organised minority when there are other equally important and valid views.

As such I would like you to please pass on my comments and wish that the present status quo remains unchanged.

Yours faithfully


19.06.2011 - Louise Shenston (Roads & Transport)

Dear Tony  

Thank you for your email - you have indeed chosen the correct forum to make your views known.  Views, I might add, which we welcome.  

As I am sure you now know, having visited our web site, the Oakley Green, Fifield & District Community Action Plan was the result of months of research undertaken by a group of local volunteers.  

During the late Summer of 2008 we designed and hand delivered a Residents' Survey to 407 occupied properties in the neighbourhood.  

The survey contained 49 questions covering a range of areas.  It also gave residents the opportunity to raise issues and concerns which were not specifically covered by the questions.  

Completed surveys were collected from 300 households - almost 74%.  Full details can be found on the website.  

The results of the survey overwhelmingly indicated a number of areas of significant concern to the residents of Oakley Green, Fifield and District, one of which was the need for new lower speed limits on all our roads and better traffic speed regulation.  We have been working on this for the last 2 + years and have regularly posted a note of our actions and the outcome(s) on the website.  All details are in the public domain.  

The speed at which traffic travels on Forest Green Road was of particular concern to residents, particularly as there is no footway for pedestrians and no bus service on that stretch.  

Unfortunately the only accidents which are recorded are those which result in hospitalization, or death.  There have in fact been many more than the 12 referred to and we have been made aware of at least another 5 in the last two years which were not recorded by the police.  No doubt lack of attention, poor judgement, slow reactions and a lack of skill in forward planning have played their part, but speed has also been a crucial factor.  

We are therefore hoping that the Ward Councillors will support the residents in this and that the consultation will result in a reduction in the speed limit on this treacherous stretch of road.  

We look forward to hearing the outcome.  In the meantime, we shall continue to work with local residents, the Residents’ Association, the Neighbourhood Action Groups, Bray Parish Council, the Police and RBWM to create a safer environment for us all.  

I do hope this has clarified why this particular speed reduction is so necessary and that you will continue to travel on this stretch of road at, or under, the legal speed limit, whatever it might be.  

Kind regards  


20.06.2011 - Tony

Dear Louise  

Thank you for responding so fully to my letter.  

The fact is that a very small minority of individuals of the total number of people who use this road are trying to change a situation which the vast majority of people have had no opportunity of commenting on.  

It is a given that in any community, those who live in it, will always vote favourably for any recommendation that impacts their lives directly – that does not mean that such change is of benefit to all or indeed is required.  

You use the expression ‘ treacherous stretch of road’ – sadly this is an emotive word that simply does not stand up up – the road is wide and there are no sharp bends and there are only a few number of residents who live directly on the road – many of whom, I am sure have lived on this road for some time but all would have made the decision to purchase their properties knowing what the current speed limit was.  Roads only become ‘treacherous’ in poor weather conditions and clearly at such times it is obviously sensible that one moderates your speed accordingly. I can assure you that I have travelled on many very difficult and challenging roads around the country that might meet your description but this road cannot be described as dangerous in any way.  

You comment on the lack of a footpath – with respect – ‘so what’! I have rarely seen any pedestrians on this road and I have safely walked my dog along this road in accordance with the guidance in the Highway Code. Similarly I think the comment on the lack of a bus service is also irrelevant as this does not impact on the safe speed you can travel.  

You say that speed can be a contributory factor in some of the incidents that have been reported, I can only comment on one such incident that I was involved in when, on one of the bends, a driver decided to overtake on a bend without waiting to check if the road ahead was clear. Whilst I was able to take avoiding action, I am sure you would argue that if I had been travelling slower the incident would not have been so ‘close’ whereas I would argue that it was the other driver’s poor road sense that was the contributory factor.  

We should not dumb down our speed limits just to take account of the lowest common denominator.  

As such, I hope that the Ward Councillors will not support your motion.  

With kind regards  


 date : 05.03.2011    subject : BT Infinity    submitted by : Courtenay Tordoff

Could I just add to Rod Lord's interesting article in the winter newsletter re BT Infinity:

The BT web site is now showing that Infinity is available for those on the Maidenhead exchange and it will be available via the Windsor exchange from June 2011. I am getting 100.0 Mbps in Stewart Close which is fine for my requirements.
www.productsandservices.bt.com and go to the map.

05.03.2011 - Rod Lord (Communications)

Hi Courtenay

Many thanks for your Feedback submission.

Yes - Maidenhead exchange has now been upgraded to Infinity Fibre Optic but unfortunately our particular area is not yet able to benefit from it.

Since the copy deadline for the Newsletter we have had further Openreach and BT responses passed to us via cllr Burbage's office which can be found in an update report on the web site from the Communications page.

If you are already getting 100 Mbps then you will not be at all concerned about this as you are getting a service that is HUGELY better than most of us - nearly 100 times better !

The best I can achieve is 829 kbps (104kB/s) which is about 0.8 Mbps, and the only other user I know locally who is doing better is only getting about 1.4 Mbps.

When most users nationally are expecting to get somewhere between 4 Mbps and 8 Mbps and with Infinity claiming a lightning top end of 40 Mbps this local service is really comparatively extremely poor. Some are getting barely better than dial up at around 54 or 58 kbps, and some do better but with a very erratic service.

I wonder if the figure you quote should have a "k" rather than an "M" - as in 100 kB/s ?

Your Feedback will be added shortly to the site and thank you once again for submitting it.

We would very much like to encourage more feedback involvement from local residents and were wondering if changing the item to FORUM rather than FEEDBACK might be more successful.

Please let us know if you feel that might be an improvement.

Best wishes


05.03.2011 - Courtenay Tordoff

Hi there

I have checked and the icon definitely says "100.0 Mbps"

So it sounds like good news and bad news ! I'm on Sky as you will see although at the end of the day it all comes down a piece of BT wire.

Anyhow I have registered for the Infinity info as you suggested.

Forum might actually be better than feed back although "Forum" rather implies people will be chatting to each other which is not actually what they do at the moment with Feedback.

Thanks for that information, if you need any support I will be happy to give it.

05.03.2011 - Rod Lord (Communications)

Well I'm totally confused because BT only claim speeds of up to 40Mb for Infinity - which is supposed to be lightning fast !

Thanks for registering for Infinity - but I haven't really got a clue how much notice they take.

I take your point about the use of the word FORUM.

What about NOTICE BOARD ? Do you think that's any better ?



06.03.2011 - Courtenay Tordoff


I'm not a technical person so can't really explain the "100 Mbps" but that's what it says on the icon.

I think Noticeboard would imply people advertising lost dogs etc. The trouble with any kind of "chat" forum is that someone needs to police it (although of course we would hope local residents would not post anything improper) and I guess chat forums allow people to get on their hobby horses etc. Maybe just leave it as it is.

All the best


06.03.2011 - Rod Lord (Communications)

Thanks Courtenay. Hopefully some local Resident will be able to enlighten me on these confusing bandwidth speed measurements.

And many thanks for your very valid comments re FEEDBACK. I think we will stick with it as you suggest.


07.03.2011 - Courtenay Tordoff

I have just read on a technical forum that to get the download you divide the Mbps by 8 so 100 would give me a download of 12.5 which sounds more realistic in the light of your earlier comments ! However it is still pretty fast.

07.03.2011 - Rod Lord (Communications)

It IS pretty fast ! Probably faster than most of the UK at the moment.

As I said before I think somewhere between 4 and 8 seems to be a fairly normal expectation.

Here's an extract from the BBC web site :

"Ofcom's latest research into broadband speeds found that just 14% of customers on 'up to' 20Mbps services received speeds of over 12Mbps, while 58% averaged speeds of 6Mbps or less."

In our area BT do not guarantee more than 1Mbps - in fact most of the time they quote 0.5 !

We would really like to find out how you're managing to get this blisteringly fast service. Can you let us know who your Service Provider is ? And do you know what route your BT line takes to get to you ? ie - is it down Fifield Road from the box on the A308 ? or does it come up from Oakley Green Road or Forest Green Road ? or does it come cross country from Money Row or Holyport ? If the last of these this might explain it as the junction box on the A308 for that route has been upgraded to Fibre Optic at a top end max of 40Mbps. Are you aware if you've always had this speed of service or has it improved recently ?

Many thanks


14.03.2011 - Courtenay Tordoff

I have now taken further advice and the 100.00 Mbps is the correct speed between the PC and the Sky router (which is only a couple of feet from the PC).

Using Speedtest I am told the actual speed is 1.30 Mbps so that is more or less consistent with what you've been saying.Nevertheless to me it seems quite quick and sufficient for my purposes.

14.03.2011 - Rod Lord (Communications)

Good morning Courtenay

Many thanks for this info. It all helps to try and get a picture of what's actually happening in our area and gives us a bit more confidence when dealing with the Service Providers that we're not at an information disadvantage and talking through our hats.

1.3 Mbps seems to be at the top end of what is available in your general location but where we are it tends to be less than 1Mbps. I do agree with you that for email and simple web browsing this is actually not too much of a problem. But the moment you try to use iPlayer or anything requiring large document attachments, images or movie files things become a bit different.

The 3 or 4Mbps and above that is expected elsewhere is actually a considerable quantum jump being 3 to 4 times faster. I was visiting a location in Maidenhead yesterday where they have been getting this as normal and are shortly due for their upgrade to Infinity which, because they are near the junction box in their street, will take them virtually to the full 40Mbps. Even the furthest users from the box will be getting better than 30Mbps.

Under these circumstances the whole functionality of the internet enters a different dimension with Freeview High Definition real time streaming and simultaneous online gaming, music, and web browsing with no discernible download delays.

From a completely selfish perspective my livelihood depends entirely on being able to deliver my work online by uploading large files in excess of 200Mb and sometimes a Gigabyte or two. With our current speeds of less than 1Mbps this means an upload speed of only around 0.3 or so which already puts me at a very serious disadvantage while my competitors have an edge of up to 40 times that or more.

If we were in some truly remote rural location this would be completely understandable but we are only 25 miles from London and only about 3.5 miles from two Digital exchanges.

We will keep plugging away !

Many thanks for your very useful information.


14.03.2011 - Courtenay Tordoff

While emphasising again that I am not a technical person we know several people in Spain and they use a satellite system which they rent for a few euros a month (Telefonica being a pretty useless provider and expensive - we know someone with a telegraph pole outside his house and it took him two years to get a phone line in !). It seems very satisfactory although I don't think any of them are using it for business purposes. I guess the only solution really is to keep the pressure on BT. I also read the other day that the BBC is somehow involved in the broadband roll-out but not sure of their role.

I'll let you know if I discover any more.

14.03.2011 - Rod Lord (Communications)

Thanks Courtenay

 date : 24.01.2011    subject : Fifield garden ?    submitted by : Doreen Embery

I would like to say that the garden opposite the phone box in Fifield looks very nice since the make over. It is a credit to whoever maintains this plot.

 date : 24.01.2011    subject : Plates and cutlery for loan    submitted by : Jenny Wigginton

I have 90 oval white china dinner plates, 90 kinves, forks and spoons (not matching) and an assortment of large dishes, a salmon kettle, etc. These can be borrowed for a local party or event by phoning me on 01628 785197.

 date : 21.01.2011    subject : Our Village Hall    submitted by : David Embery

Braywood Memorial Hall is run by a management committee who meet 10 times a year.

The committee has vacancies and would wecome new members from the community. If anyone would like to join us please contact David Embery on 01628 631179.

The hall AGM is to be held on Wednesday March 16 at 8pm in the village hall. Over the years this event has seen a decline in the members of the community attending. It is your chance to have a say and support the management committee.

The committee very much hope to see you all there.

Thank you.

David Embery (chairman)

 date : 29.03.2010    subject : Residents welcome road repairs    submitted by : Sandra Bruckshaw

I felt I needed to write to you regarding the article in the Spring newsletter on the Stewart Close road resurfacing.

I was astounded to see that no mention was made of Tony Burrell of Stewart Close !

Many petitions have been made during my 30 years as a resident in Stewart Close to try and get the road adopted - all to no avail. It was Tony Burrell who organised a petition of the residents who had lived in the close since the early 80's and who remembered the WHOLE road being tarmaced in 1982; and it was this petition along with his well constructed letter to the council that served to illustrate that a precedent had been set, therefore making a good case for the whole of Stewart Close to be adopted.

Tony spent a lot of time and effort visiting households with the petition, explaining his approach to this long standing problem and then keeping us all informed with a copy of his letter to Stephen Brown, Head of Highways and Engineering at the Town Hall.

I believe his action greatly influenced the successful outcome of this issue and was worthy of a mention in the article.

Sandra Bruckshaw

06.07.2010 - Peter Best (Stewart Close)

HI ya

I would like to make a coment regarding Sandra Bruckshaw's letter to the Editor in the Summer Newsletter.

I have lived in Stewart Close for the past eleven years and never seen or heard of any petition to get the road resurfaced.

It was only when i had a knock at the door from from Michael Wadley with a petition to sign which i did along with the rest of the residents.

I feel if Michael had not done this we would still be driving over the same old worn out road.

Well done Michael.

Thank you.

Peter Best

 date : 17.08.2009    subject : SAVE JESUS HOSPITAL    submitted by : Adele Kilby

Jesus Hospital Almshouse has provided comfortable accommodation for poor, elderly parishioners for 400 years, and is under threat of closure and sale. 17 residents will have to move elsewhere; many have lived there for decades and wouldn’t survive the move.

Since being bequeathed to them by William Goddard in 1609, the site has been managed by The Fishmongers' Company. The Fishmongers' now want to transfer Jesus Hospital to Bristol Charities who will move the Almshouse occupants to an unknown site, then sell the building for development purposes.

Fishmongers' took advice via a report, from Mr David Jones, Chief Executive of Bristol Charities; Bristol Charities stand to be the main beneficiary of the transfer of trusteeship.

Please visit our website and sign our petition

Sir Michael Parkinson, CBE
Patron, The Friends of the Almshouse at Jesus Hospital

Visit the web site and sign the petition
 date : 06.06.2009    subject : Preservation of the Green Belt    submitted by : Basil Embery

Dear Fellow Residents,

As an Oakley Green resident of 57 years I wish to share my concerns about rumours for a proposed car park being built on pristine Green Belt land adjacent to Braywood School.

Living in close proximity to the School I am aware that the car parking for only 20 minutes mornings and afternoons during term times causes congestion.

Surely other suitable options must be preferable and open for discussion with the Community. To date no contact has been made with the local residents by representatives from the School or Council.

An additional worry is the advertising for hire of the School Annex for seven days a week. Local residents have been affected with the usage of the Annex especially at week-ends and evenings as late as 11 o clock.

Green Belt land in our Villages is a precious commodity. If the rumours prove to be true I would like to think residents in the Community would reject this proposal.

Basil Embery

 date : 25.05.2009    subject : Susie's walk    submitted by : Jan Blackburn

I've lived in Fifield for 20 years but didn't know the walk to Dorney that Susie suggested in the May newsletter.

We went today and it was great, we had lunch at The Pinneapple (amazing selection of sandwiches ) and went into Dorney Court for a look. We also visited St James the lesser 12 century church.

How come so many other people were using the pathway as if it was a regular route !

Thanks to Susie,we will be waiting for the next walk.


 date : 02.05.2009    subject : More rubbish in Coningsby Lane    submitted by : Marion Jackman

Why do people keep dumping their rubbish ?

Out for a walk today and saw two bags of rubbish dumped down Connisby Lane. If it is garden waste there is a free pick up service. If they do not want to pay for the green waste bin just a simple phone call and a date will be arranged for pick up.

If it is household rubbish in the bags why cant they just go to the rubbish tip ?

 date : 20.04.2009    subject : Books    submitted by : Eileen Crotty

I saw recently an interview on Television which covered the ingenious idea of offering paperbacks to travelers, the mechanics of which I am unaware.

The seed had been sown. I wonder if there would be merit in setting up a library of unwanted paperbacks to be made available to take away. The time slot could be manned and set for a few hours on a particular day at suitable intervals.

It is possible you might have paperbacks to offer if the proposal is worthy of setting up.

I look forward to receiving your thoughts and ideas and an indication as to whether you would use this facility.

Eileen Crotty
OGAFCAP Communications Work Group

 date : 03.04.2009    subject : Links page errors    submitted by : webmaster

A user kindly contacted me to point out that none of the links on the Links page worked. Unfortunately because the Mac with Firefox is so forgiving I had been lulled into a false sense of security as everything worked fine at my end. Initial research suggested that some versions of MS Internet Explorer contain a bug that would cause this. Although this is true further investigation of the code revealed that all the links on that page contained the same error. These have now been corrected and I have had reports from users that all now seems to be working as expected. My humble apologies to all of you who may have been inconvenienced and my thanks to the user who brought it to my attention and to those who have acted as Windows testers for me.



 date : 02.04.2009    subject : History    submitted by : Rod Ball

To follow on from Eileen Crotty's article in the March newsletter readers might like to read Luke Over and Chris Tyrrell's book entitled The Royal Hundred of Bray. This is an excellent book covering all the area including of course Fifield and Oakley Green tracing the history of the area. Luke, a well known local historian spent 30 years excavating sites in the area. He gave a talk a few years ago at the Autumn Meeting of the Residents Association.


Many thanks for the information on Local History which I confess passed me by. I will certainly try to get a copy as I am certain it will be an interesting read.

I wonder if any other Residents have read the publication and can recall reading this book or attended the talk with the Residents Association. If either the book or the meeting stimulated interesting memories it would be good to share.

Eileen Crotty
OGAFCAP Communications Work Group

 date : 22.02.2009    subject : Congratulations    submitted by : Hugh Salter

Congratulations. This is a very good start. Keep up the good work.

We live on Oakley Green Road about 50 yards east of the Red Lion Pub (now open again). Do you know if your comments regarding broadband black spot in your Newsletter cover this immediate area?

I can get about 1.2 Mbps. Is this good or poor?

Regards, Hugh Salter



Thank you for your feedback and positive comments.   

As far as our research has shown the ‘black spot’ affects residents of Fifield and those in Oakley Green Road and Forest Green Road who live within about half a half mile radius of the Braywood Hall junction and fall under the Maidenhead 01628 exchange. My understanding is that the telephone numbers change from the Windsor exchange to the Maidenhead exchange at ‘Braywood Linn’ on the nasty bend on Oakley Green Road.  I am assuming that your area code is 01753 and you are close enough to the Windsor exchange to receive a good broadband speed.  

I live less than half a mile from you along Oakley Green Road towards the Hall and can only get dial up of 36Kbps, so your connection speed of more than 1Mbps is very good and you’ll be the envy of the community!  


Trudi Knight
OGAFCAP Communications Work Group

 date : 16.02.2009    subject : Welcome    submitted by : OGAFCAP

We welcome you to our new web site. It is important that this effort on behalf of our community is not percieved as a forum for just a few individuals to promote their pet projects. That is emphatically not the object of the exercise and we try to take every opportunity to gather the wishes and hopes of as broad a spectrum of our local population as possible. Our recent survey of 400 households which achieved a 73% response rate was a first step along the road. But this should be a live and evolutionary process and we aim to continue to offer as many opportunities as possible for as many as possible to contribute either as volunteers, or as participants in community events and activities, or with ideas and opinions ... or ALL of those.

Let us know what you think.

Best wishes,


 date : 14.02.2009    subject : Web site launch    submitted by : webmaster

This is a rather nail-biting moment ! Hopefully everything works properly and is presented in a clear and useful way. It's always difficult to know how a site will be received and what people like or dislike about it. So I hope you will tell me. You will find a contact button for me on the contacts page.