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Local Planning - RBWM Local Plan
Planning update 02 - 08.12.2012 - RBWM Local Plan
December 8 and December 11 2012 RBWM Local Plan Sites Consultation Workshops
As part of building The Borough Local Plan, RBWM established a Public Consultation which ran from November 19th to December 31st. The purpose was to seek the views of everyone on the potential development of 75 or so Sites across the Borough. 4 of the Sites identified were in Bray Parish and 3 of these were in our area namely:-

Land at Water Oakley Farm, Windsor Road, Bray (next to Bray Studios)
Wyevale Garden Centre, Dedworth Road, Windsor
Squires Garden Centre, Maidenhead Road, Windsor

Every Household in the Borough was supposed to receive a Flier notifying us all of this very important activity but alas, large parts of our area were missed out. Given this and the importance of the Consultation, we joined forces with the Oakley Green & Fifield Residents Association, the Down Place Residents Association and the West Windsor Residents Association and promoted participation in the exercise.

We helped to deliver over 1100 fliers and helped to organise two Workshops on Saturday December 8th and on Tuesday December 11th - to explain about the Consultation and how it related to the Bray Parish Neighbourhood Plan exercise which is going on in parallel. Both Workshops were well attended (150+ came along) and lively and constructive discussions took place. Attendees were urged to make their views known to RBWM via the Online Survey or via hard Copies of the relevant (local) parts of the Survey which were obtained from RBWM and handed out at the two Workshops.

The general consensus of the two Events was that:-

-limited development within strictly defined parameters to limit the impact on the Green Belt would be acceptable on the Land at Water Oakley Farm
-development at the two Garden Centres was not supported

The Associations involved agreed to make these views known to RBWM.
Click here to read OGAFCA's letter to RBWM.

After pressure from various sources, including us, the closing date for the Consultation was subsequently extended to Friday January 11th to allow more time for Residents to respond. We are awaiting the results of the Consultation.