Oakley Green, Fifield and District Community Association Ltd
Local Planning - Gypsy site - Forest Green Road
Planning update 03 - 13.03.2013 - Gypsy site - Forest Green Road
March 13, 2013 Application 13/00702/FULL
Change of use of land to use as a residential caravan site for 8 gypsy families each with two caravans, including one static caravan, 4 amenity buildings, the laying of hardstanding and formation of new accesses - Land Rear of Skippets Lodge, Orchard Glen, Forest Green Road, Holyport, Maidenhead

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OGAFCA alerted the Community about this important and sensitive Application initially by email and then by preparing, printing and then delivering over 500 fliers. It contained details of the Application, information about the Planning Process and guidance about how to make views known. Over 100 letters and an e-petition with 100+ signatures have been received by RBWM.

OGAFCA also wrote to RBWM in Objection.

The Application was discussed at the Maidenhead Development Control Panel in Maidenhead Town Hall on Wednesday June 5, 2013. OGAFCA provided one of the three Speakers against the Application. After a lengthy discussion, the Panel Unanimously Refused the Application.

The Applicant then decided to Appeal this Decision and the case has now been referred to The Planning Inspectorate an independent Central Government body for a Decision. The Inspectorate have decided to conduct a Public Enquiry before making their Decision. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed about the dates and processes involved.

In the meantime RBWM have recently extended their Injunction to prevent The Applicants, and anyone else, from ... causing or permitting caravans or other forms of accommodation to be stationed and/or the formation of hardstanding, the erection of fences, the construction of outbuildings, the laying of pipes on land to the rear of Skippets Lodge, Orchard Glen, Forest Green Road, Holyport ....