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Local Planning - Water Oakley Approved
Planning update 09 - 10.04.2014 - Water Oakley Development Approved
Water Oakley Development of 44 Houses Approved Wed April 9

The RBWM Maidenhead Development Control Panel met on Wednesday April 9, 2014. The Outline Planning Application (13/02719/OUT ) to build 44 Houses on Land at Water Oakley was on the Agenda and was discussed.

The RBWM Planning Officer briefly introduced the Application and said they were recommending Approval to the Panel.

Grenville Annetts Chairman of OGAFCA spoke for 3 minutes AGAINST the Application

Cllr Helen Howard on behalf of Bray Parish Council spoke for 2 minutes AGAINST the Application

Rod Ball Chairman of the Oakley Green and Fifield Residents Association spoke for 2 Minutes FOR the Application

The Agent for Farmglade (The Applicant) spoke for 1 Minute FOR the Application

The Panel discussed the Application for about 30 minutes and then voted unanimously to APPROVE it. Two of the three RBWM Bray Ward Councillors were present - Cllr Leo Walters and Cllr David Coppinger and they both supported the Application.

This is only an Outline Panning Application. A detailed Application will undoubtedly follow and we will continue to keep you informed.