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Local Planning - Phoenix Gym - Condition 6 SUDS meeting
Planning update 18 - 24.07.2017 - Phoenix Gym Condition 6 SUDS meeting
Correspondence posted on the RBWM website led us to believe that the SUDS drainage condition on the Phoenix Planning approval had been pretty much discharged after what seemed like an agreement between RBWM Consultants WSP and Consultants for the Applicant, MLM.

But RBWM have recently outsourced the functions and responsibilities of what until very recently was known as "Streetcare" to Consultants PROJECT CENTRE and Remsha Mohammed-Remla of Project Centre picked up on one or two points raised in our letters, 3D modelling, and an apparent dimension error in the SUDS submission which we had queried. Project Centre requested more information and a meeting was arranged in an attempt to resolve these issues. Thanks to a suggestion by Councillor Coppinger OGAFCA were invited to attend the meeting which took place at The Town Hall on the afternoon of Friday July 14.

The meeting was chaired by RBWM Planning Officer Victoria Gibson, and attended by Remsha Mohammed-Remla of Project Centre, Councillor Coppinger, two Farmglade representatives and Mr Philip Rowe for the Applicant, and Rod Lord for OGAFCA. Unfortunately, although it was their SUDS submission document being discussed, nobody from MLM was able to attend, even though the meeting had already been postponed once so that their engineer would be able to attend.

OGAFCA would like to thank both Victoria Gibson for inviting us to the meeting and Remsha Mohammed-Remla of Project Centre for taking our concerns seriously and allowing residents concerns, which seemed to have been ignored, to be addressed. Unfortunately OGAFCA's concerns have not been resolved but all documentation including MLM's dealings with WSP are to be resubmitted to Project Centre for further scrutiny.

When they are availabe the Minutes of the meeting will be available here.

In the meantime OGAFCA Environment have sent a letter to RBWM Planning and Project Centre subsequent to the meeting to ensure that it is clear that OGAFCA's serious concerns remain.