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A308 Corridor Study
Planning update 25 - 24.01.2021 - A308 Corridor Study
RBWM (with adjoining authorities) was awarded 90,000 back in March 2018 towards a study to enhance connections and manage traffic along the A308 corridor. The study should assess the impact of multiple developments currently planned along the A308 both locally and beyond and set out options to mitigate these and the associated noise and air pollution. OGFRA has been pressing for completion of this crucial study, but RBWM has not given it the priority it deserves. We have consistently argued that a prerequisite to any development proposals along the A308 should be (a) completion of the A308 corridor study and (b) the design and availability of funding of all necessary improvement works.

However, RBWM is now belatedly moving forward with the first stage of the study, looking at all modes of travel along the A308 corridor including walking, cycling, public transport, freight and car. As well as the A308 itself, RBWM wants to know what issues there are on parallel transport routes and roads that join the A308. This first stage is being conducted through an interactive map to which comments can be added. This is being run by Project Centre and the interactive map can be found at https:// consultprojectcentre.co.uk/a308 . The closing date for comments is 9 October, we hope that the results will remain accessible after this date.

Update from OGFRA Oakley Green & Fifield Residents Association.