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AL21 - update
General email circular from OGFRA Planning Team - dated 01.04.2023
Dear Residents/All

The plans to develop site AL21 (land west of Windsor, north and south of the A308) continue to move forward despite the concerns and objections of local residents. The site has been separated into two and outline planning approval has been given to both AL21 (north) last November and to AL21 (south) earlier this month, although the decision of the Windsor and Ascot Development Management Committee on AL21 (south) is subject to review following submission of an objection/concerns about aspects of the meeting.

Of immediate concern is the next stage of the planning process for AL21 (north) for up to 135 new dwellings. The original application was made by Wates, but the site has since been sold to Crest Nicholson who have recently put forward the ‘Reserved Matters’ application which deals with the detail of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of the site (Application No. 23/00582). OGFRA is currently reviewing this and will be submitting comments - the Neighbour Consultation Expiry Date is 6 April 2023.

Anyone who has driven along the A308 will have seen that construction of 30 dwellings on the former Squires Garden Centre site is well advanced, and confirms out worst fears – the scale of the development is over dominant in the setting and we remain concerned over inadequate parking and vehicular access. And this is before development of the adjoining AL21 (north) site accessed along the same stretch of the 'Old' Maidenhead Road.

Sandwiched between the Squires development and AL21 (north) are a group of Willows estate properties that feel particularly threatened by the latest plans for AL21 (north) and the impact on the boundary wall to the Willows Estate which is a Non-Designated Heritage Asset. They have campaigned for a degree of separation between the boundary wall and the new development and have asked OGFRA to circulate the attached letter setting out their proposals and seeking local support.


Oakley Green & Fifield Residents Association
Attached Letter from local Willows Estate Residents