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Roads & Transport - Fifield Road Traffic data
Fifield Road Traffic data - February 2016
RBWM Highways recently carried out a traffic survey for Fifield Road. The survey was taken adjacent to the 30mph signs just north of Longlea Nursing Home. The survey collected data for the numbers of vehicles and speeds over the period 22nd Jan to 8th Feb.

The data has been provided as an Excel spreadsheet but it is not the easiest of documents to interpret. There is a brief summary below followed by some notes to aid those who wish to study the spreadsheet.


Northbound Max Speed is 54.4 mph and 48.48% of Traffic exceeds 30 mph! Average Speed is 29.7 mph.
Southbound Max Speed is 59.3 mph and 62.63% of Traffic exceeds 30 mph!!! Average Speed is 31.5 mph.
Average is probably brought down significantly when passing Horses !

Peak Traffic Northbound is 08.00 to 09.00 hrs at 2532 Vehicles over 17 days (269 on Wed Feb 3).
Peak Traffic Southbound is 17.00 to 18.00 hrs at 1707 Vehicles over 17 days (143 on Tue 26 Jan).
Add this to the predicted Traffic to be added by Phoenix Gym and Horse/Dog/Pedestrian Traffic = Chaos + High Risk of Accident.


In the Speed Northbound and Speed Southbound tables -
-The “Vbin” Column Headers are Velocity Bands - from 6 to 12 mph, 12 to 19 mph etc.
-Totals in the second Column are totals across all Speeds in that hourly period.
-Highlighted totals at the bottom of each day are time periods 07:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs, 06:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs, etc.

The Full Report Northbound and Full Report Southbound tables summarise the totals by Hour across the whole Survey from 11:39 on Friday Jan 22 to 11:56 on Monday Feb 8 (17 days). Very similar totals in both directions ... 17887 Vehicles Northbound, 17638 Vehicles Southbound. A staggering combined 35,525 Traffic Movements – averaging 2090 per day over the 17 days!

The 5-Day Northbound and Southbound Reports (Weekdays Mon to Fri) -
-show the 5 days from the first of the two full weeks from 00:00 on Mon Jan 25 to 00:00 on Friday Jan 30.
-the figures for week 1 Northbound are 6178 total (in table ) and 6170 for week 2 (not shown) = ave 1235 per day.
-the figures for week 1 Southbound are 6037 total (in table) and 6024 for week 2 (not shown) = ave 1206 per day.

The Weekend Northbound and Southbound Reports -
-take the count for the middle Sat and Sun / weekend from 00.00 hrs on Jan 30 to 00.00 hrs on 01 Feb
-the figures for middle/2nd weekend Northbound are 1377 total (in table) and for first weekend are 1416 (not shown) and 1380 for 3rd weekend (not shown) = ave 696 per day.
-the figures for middle/2nd weekend Southbound are 1442 total (in table) and for first weekend are 1452 (not shown) and 1438 for 3rd weekend (not shown) = ave 722 per day.

To get to Grand Totals of 35,525 Traffic Movements over the whole Survey -
-add in the part of the first day (Fri) and part of the last day (Mon) Northbound = 1366.
-add in the part of the first day (Fri) and part of the last day (Mon) Southbound = 1245.