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Roads & Transport - Update Report 01
21.06.2010 - Update Report 01

We were hoping that by now the Roads and Transport Work Group would be able to report on the successful conclusion of a number of initiatives, however, the best laid plans of mice and men ... !

But we do have updates :

Community Speedwatch Campaign
Our team of eight volunteers were ready to “man” the operation locally on the 13 May, the 17 May and 26 May 2010, but unfortunately the equipment needed some attention after it’s stint in Bray and was not returned in time for our allocated dates. It is now ready and we are expecting to be operational within the next few weeks.

We met with representatives of Engineering Projects - Highways & Engineering (RBWM) at the beginning of June to discuss the feasibility of building a footway on the bend in the Fifield Road by Coningsby Lane. I am delighted to report that a preliminary survey has been carried out by a Highways Engineer, who has also met with the tree officer and obtained plans of the public utilities in the area. When he hears back from British Telecom regarding the removal of what appears to be a redundant telegraph pole he will be in a position to draw up a plan for discussion.

So yet again it is a case of – watch this space !