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Roads & Transport - Update Report 02
10.10.2010 - Update Report 02
Work continues on Action Plan Vision

The Roads and Transport Work Group’s “Vision” in the Community Action Plan is to provide a safer environment for all roads users while maintaining our rural surroundings. To this end we are hoping to reduce the speed limits on our roads and reduce the number of HGVs, provide additional footways where required and establish a more frequent and wide spread bus service.

This is where we are to date:

Speed Limits and HGVs
Our recommendations for a reduction in the speed limits were adopted by the RBWM last year, but we have yet to be advised when these changes are likely to take place. We are continuing to make enquiries and will let you know as soon as we can. As reported in the last issue, in association with the Oldfield & Bray NAG, we are going to be using the Speedwatch equipment in the local area as soon as it is available. Unfortunately the equipment is in great demand and having been returned from a stint in Ascot, it is now being repaired again ! We are therefore still on standby, but I am assured we are next on the list !

Things are progressing (albeit slowly) with regard to the proposed footway on the bend in the Fifield Road by Coningsby Lane. Our most recent communication from Highways and Engineering advised that they are working on a number of projects at the moment and that there is one other footway scheme to clear which should mean they will be working on our proposals imminently !

On the buses
Most residents will know the only bus route that goes through Oakley Green and Fifield is the number 6 operating on an hourly basis from about 7.00am to 7.00pm Monday to Saturday and travels from Windsor to Maidenhead and vice versa. We would be interested to know if passengers feel there is a need to expand the service, perhaps later in the evenings enabling a night out in Windsor or Maidenhead. The OGAFCAP Residents Survey conducted in Autumn 2008 showed only 12.5% of respondents thought late night services Friday/Saturday very important to them. Perhaps this view has since changed. Currently there is no service at all on a Sunday so would your leisure activities be enhanced if there was a service? You might consider that a walk from the bus stop to your home late at night in the dark presents some risk and therefore outweighs any extra convenience. The way bus services are structured, the route, the frequency and where the bus stops is decided by Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead and is then put out to tender to bus operating companies. Our number 6 route together with many other routes in the Borough is currently operated by Courtney Coaches of Bracknell. We are to meet with the Royal Borough concerning a bus stop on Oakley Green Road opposite the house Braywood Linn which is in a very poor state. The bus stop sign was knocked down in a vehicle accident many years ago and has never been replaced and the waiting area has become overgrown with foliage. In addition users consider the site is too close to a bend in the road and with the volume of traffic has become quite dangerous to cross the road and wait there. (The fact the bus stop sign was removed in an accident is proof enough). We will be attempting to get the bus stop re sited to a safer location.

If any residents have comments or suggestions to make regarding the bus service please

  email them to Michael Seagrief

or write to OGAFCA, Fifield Farm Cottage, Oakley Green Road, Oakley Green, SL4 4QF

or contact the work group using the button below.

Louise Shenston