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Roads & Transport - Update Report 03
28.10.2010 - Update Report 03 - On the Buses
On the Buses - update

Two representatives from RBWM have now visited the site and it was quickly established the site of the bus stop could not be moved as the Royal Borough does not own suitable land anywhere near the existing location.

It is ruled bus stops must not be positioned on private land otherwise the Councils would lose control. Instead the representatives have agreed to vastly improve the condition of the current site to make it more safe and pleasant to use.

Already the waiting area has been cleared of grass and the hedgerow cut back. A new bus stop sign complete with timetable is to be erected and the letters “bus stop” to be painted onto the road surface to greatly improve the visibility of the site and also to raise the awareness of passing traffic that a bus stop exists.

Work is expected to be completed by mid December.

Michael Seagrief.